Little Owl

Little Owl, 
Little Owl sitting unseen in the shadows,
Watching the toing and froing, 
Of those coming and going.

One feels them watching you when you are out and about, then you look and see those beautiful big eyes, their eyes speak volumes and can’t be kept quiet. That is how I managed to get these few shots of this little Barred Owl (Strix varia), I felt his presence first. He was trying to remain discrete less they attract the wrong kind of attention. For despite how lovely these quiet little creatures appear to us, they are in fact predators and in nature it is uncommon for species to get along.

  • Raven Perched on Fir Tree
  • A Robin (Turdus migratorius) picking berries taken with Olympus Evolt E-300 by TS Ni hUiginn.

I have seen everything from Robins to Raven’s prevent these little fellows from getting a well needed days rest. But the truth is because they are night creatures, so these shots are pretty precious. and I had to open up the exposure to be able to see the little guy. I have heard them more than seen them, but even unseen their hoots are magical and I have been blessed on many night by their songs and medicine.

Blessed are the Owls,
and all little things, 
the scaled, feathered or furry, 
those that fly, swim or scurry.

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