Human beings come in all shapes, shades and sizes but despite these differences everyone of us possess a spirit and this design by Charles J Craigan is dedicated to this uniting feature we all share.

For it is the Human Spirit that fills us with rapture and joy, or sorrow and grief and despite our external differences internally we are all equipped with a spirit and all that that accompanies. It is our spirit that motivates us, that inspires us and aids us in reaching our full potential and that is true for all humans. Therefore it is essential for us to take care of and nurture our spiritual selves just as it is important to nurture and care for our physical selves. It is also important for us to be respectful of other’s and their spirits, and to be aware of how our actions can effect the rest of our communities.

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It is the Human Spirit which every human being possess which is intrinsic to who we are and what we achieve, not what we look like or what we wear. Human spirits are withing every person and with that in mind please be good to each other and respect all of our differences!

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