The Jawshop presents the Croc E Moses Interview

We invite you to check out Paul Clifford and the Jawshop’s latest podcast as he starts out the new year with a brilliant interview with South African/Canadian Poet, Musician Croc E Moses.

Link image to Jawshop Croc E Moses podcast

These two seasoned musicians and composers take a deep dive into their experience recording and filming Moses’s song ‘Devious Honesty’ at the Jawshop Adventure Recording’s Main Studio. This tune was recorded at began in March of 2022 the elaborate on the lengthy technical polishing process that they undertook to obtain the final product. Moses also speaks about the lyrics and what motivated him or create this musical piece, which as a simple music fan I found quite interesting.

They begin to muse of the present global state we are all in and how it has inspired the song, through word deception from the media in impacting us all. And how word play and inversion of meanings are being used against people and culture in very unhealthy and unhelpful way. They touch on people who identify as cameras and where this leaves the artists or is it our destiny to go extinct and be replaced by those who identify as cameras. The delve into their personal experiences at the Trucker Convoy and how it differs completely from the media narrative which was dishonest and how that experience has effected this song and their work.

I won’t give it all away the podcast is there to be listened to but personally I like this conversation and this song because it touches on subjects that many of us are have on our minds. The struggle of the artist in this toxic political climate with the risk of being cancelled looming over your head and how you have to reflect on what and why we are artists and to think deeply about the grave times we are in. This struggle however is not limited to just artists, or truckers it includes most of the people in our communities and on our planet. And upon undertaking this self reflection it becomes clear, I hope, that money is not why we do what we do, that there is deeper and more loving communal motivations that compel us to create and share our work, to take care of each other and ourselves, to make sure the situation is good for us to be productive people who help our communities out. Because frankly, loving supportive communities that allow us to express ourselves are better for everyone and something many people have fought and even died for other to obtain and I think it would be truly shameful to throw that away for mere money or simple fame. If nothing more this conversation makes one feel a little less alone and lost in the bigger toxic political nightmare that dominates our lives.

If you want to check out more Croc just click this link to go to his site.

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