The Truckers Truth Village

In these unprecedented times something incredibly wonderful (or horrible depending on your personal perspective) took place that inspired and still inspires many of us today. And the event I am referring to is when the Canadian Trucker Convoy rolled out and the intense emotional reactions to this event.

Paul Clifford and his Jawshop Adventure Recording Studios attended the event and even participated in some serious trucker jams.

TRIGGER WARNING for some, amusing reading for others. Some people will find the fact that the Jawshop Adventure Recording Studios attended this event offensive and that is their prerogative however the Jawshop is about recording audio and will not exclude others for political or cultural reasons. Art doesn’t function that way, it is inclusive look at the world around us and our freedom of expression should not be interfered with by or for partisan political reasons. If you feel offended by others sharing their own opinions or ideas because they differ from your own then perhaps it is not in your best interest to consume material that you cannot handle.

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