Upon Reaching the Top of the Mountain

Upon Reaching the top of the mountain,
After so much effort, sacrifice and toil,
You might find it isn't what you imagined it would be.
Upon Reaching the pinnacle of success,
After so many failures, obstacles and pain,
You just might find yourself staring longingly at where you used to be.
There are no guarantees that the flowers are any sweeter, lusher or brighter than the flowers are where you are now and entertaining such thoughts only invites unhappiness.

Consider that perhaps it is neglect that may be the only reason your flowers are not blooming and that theirs are because of their hard work and effort. Try instead to tend your own flowers instead of coveting someone else's, you just might be surprised by the results. 

Learning to love and accept yourself for who you are while you develop the talents your ancestors gave you is the simplest and natural way to find contentment and peace. Futilely striving to be somebody or something that you are not capable of, that is embracing misery.

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