The Sapsuckers Swamp

What a lovely looking swamp, lets go down and see it up close.

Swamps get unfairly judged, it is often assumed that they are undesirable places. The truth is that they hold as much beauty and life as any natural spot and far more than any created by people. It was very good medicine to spend time in this place and I am forever grateful to my Elder who brought me here.

A sudden flash of red catches my eye before it flits closer and lands.

A little sap sucker has arrived to feast on his favourite tree, adding more scars to the tender young bark that it will carry for these rest of its days. As we can see the sap from this swamp tree is sweet and nourishing which is why the sap suckers make it their home. They are very wise to do so as it has everything they need as well as being incredibly beautiful. It is wiser to refrain from drawing conclusions about something without first experiencing what it is for yourself, but only to do so with an open mind and spirit.

© TS Ni hUiginn

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