Grandfather Moon

Grandfather Moon is wise and loving, his presence in our lives is constant, he cautiously watches over us unseen most of the time he takes care not to overwhelm us with his powerful spirit, and deplete our energies. Grandfather Moon is the one responsible for the flow of the waters, he is the overseer of the tides, he is the catalyst of birth, he fuels our passions, spurs our sense of justice, and lights our spirits when we are needed. Grandfather Moon connects us to our inner-selves, he connects us with our honour, integrity and determination, he inspires us to love ourselves but more importantly to love and protect that which is around us even more because without the rest of life and society we are all lost.

Grandfather Moon Illustration by Salish Artist T S Ni hUiggin

I first created him in honour and memory of my own Grandfather William who was a wonderful person, a good man so I painted his image to keep near me. But I redid his design and am sharing it with all of you to honour other good men whom I am very appreciative for in my own life. Do not get me wrong, I have had more than a few encounters with the other type of person and this honour is not extended to everyone who is male, only the Good solid men like my Grandfather was.

I chose the Moon as the image for males although it is not traditionally done as such however the qualities of the Moon as opposed to the Sun who I also painted in honour of my Grandmother Ruth. Their incredible relationship was the foundation of the parts of my childhood that were incredibly healthy and positive. He was incredibly supportive and allowed her to be all that she could and to pass her goodness onto the rest of us and due to that he never got as much recognition of attention from us.

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And that is often how it is, there are very good men and women out there who never are shown the appreciation they deserve whereas they often get the brunt of abuse simply due to the wrongs of other not good people who unfortunately share the same sex with them. This is a great wrong and it is time to appreciate people for who they are and let them know that they are important to us all and that is what this design is about. So to all my good brothers out there, young and old, known or unknown to me, this is a symbol of my appreciation of all that you are and all that you do. Hold your heads up and be proud of the good man you are and thank you for all you do.

Grandfather moon was created with Gnu Image Manipulation Program.

The creative works, content and opinions Do Not represent the collective traditions or spiritual beliefs of any Indigenous Nation be they Salish or Gaelic nor are the artists spokespersons for their clans or communities, although they are proud of their heritage and families. The content and work are but the creative musings and intellectual works of the artists, and relate to their personal experiences and beliefs, nothing more.

Recording a Cell Tower

Ride along with Paul Clifford’s Jawshop Adventure Recordings. In this episode he revisits his local cell tower and implements his magic to extract his unique and amazing audio recordings.

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Welcome to the University of East Hastings

Welcome to the University of East Hastings, not a formal institution but more a school of thought and experience, it is a state of being human that we intend to celebrate with you.

  • Pen and Ink Illustration of black bears catching salmon created by T S Ni hUiggin
  • Still Image from Heron Hustle short Animation by T S Ni hUiggin
  • Still Image from Hummingbird Shuffle short Animation by T S Ni hUiggin

We are not elitist’s, our artist’s are part of the workers collective and our work for the most part is seen and heard but goes unacknowledged, like many people’s efforts these days. Our work is seen on people’s clothing, on their signage, their electricity boxes and banners. It is seen and heard in advertisements and promotions, in our pubs and eateries, even on the street outside the liquor stores and on special occasions you will find us in books and on albums. Sometimes we prosper, sometimes we go without and have to take on extra menial work to take care of our loved ones. Despite the hardship still we go on because as human beings struggling to overcome our obstacles and better ourselves is perfectly natural and healthy.

In truth though we must take a look around and see what is for ourselves and discover the complex reality we all exist and are meant to participate fully in together.

It is the education we receive from success and failure, from love and rejection, from the very act of caring about your community or not caring that defines us all individual and collectively.

Our education comes from the day to day toil and struggle to put food on our tables and keep roofs over our families heads. From navigating the streets and communities, from interacting with others and learning through experience and with courage, sometimes we fail, sometimes we are knocked to our knees but we always pull ourselves up again and struggle on.

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We are artificially disenfranchised from each other on a daily bases for ridiculous superficial and sometimes fictional reasons created by spin doctors of the lowest order. They pathetically bully and torment people constantly into feeling ashamed of the very skin that we were born into in order to boost themselves economically with no concern for the people they are effecting or the harm they are causing to others. However in reality for the majority of us we are all individual units that work together in incredibly brilliant ways as part of our highly sophisticated and functioning societies.

To be made to feel inferior or wrong because of who you are and how you were born is the great wrong, for we are all utterly amazing and incredible creatures with so much potential, much like our ancestors were. We would not exist if they did not, and they were amongst the survivors of the masses who did not make it. Be proud of your ancestors, and believe in yourself again for the work you do, for the entertainment you love, for being yourself, for being a normal human being and comfortable with who you are, and stand with the  ancestors who created you.