Sacred Salmon Medicine Wheel

“There is a longing among all people and creatures to have a sense of purpose and worth. To satisfy that common longing in all of us we must respect each other.”

Geswanouth Slahoot (Chief Dan George)

Since time immemorial the salmon have been a significant part of our culture and identity. They sustained us with their flesh providing us not only nourishment for our bodies but also for our minds and spirits. Our very existence relies on the salmon and therefore we treat the salmon with the greatest honour through our art and in our ceremonies. Their incredible, mysterious life journey fascinates and impresses; travelling from the fresh waters streams of their birth out to the mysterious deep ocean for years until they incredibly return upstream to begin a new generation sacrificing themselves in the act. It is indeed a powerful thing to witness. Salmon are crucial to human beings which is why we need to continue to ensure their survival and our own.

     "We are all one blood. No matter where we are from, we are all one blood, the same".

    David Gulpilil Ridjimiraril Dalaithngu
Pacific Northwest Coast Native Salish Sacred Salmon Medicine Wheel Design by Coastal Salish Artist TS Ni hUiginn

This medicine wheel design isn’t just in honour of the Salmon and to remind us to be respectful. It was also created to honour, respect human beings have also co-existed on this planet since time immemorial and are also suffering terribly at this time. Although we may not all have the same exteriors, we all have the same interiors and biologically function the same way. As members of the human race we are all brothers and sisters where it counts which is under our skin where our hearts, intellects and souls exist, and we all share far more deep commonalities than superficial differences.

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This design is to honour all people of all origins who hold their heads high each and every day, who work hard, who respect themselves, their communities, their ancestors and the world around them by being the best they can be. This design is in honour of or those who love, learn and grow, who relish every moment of the gift of life and do not give up on themselves or put others down in order to build themselves up or as an excuse their lack of initiative. Success and happiness are not guaranteed in life, nor should they be, it is our responsibility to work to obtain our goals and we all have to work hard, and work together. We are also not the simplistic objects who were born incapable or evil because of how some ignorant fool defines our ancestry or sex, that is simply bigotry which I find abhorrent. Believe not in the bigots but instead in your ancestors, grandparents and family, hold your head high and most importantly be good to each other!

© TS Ni hUiginn

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