The Jawshop Presents Recording Hockey

The Hockey is a staple for many people up here despite the fact that we never actually win the championship. Even with the lack of success you are still required to listening politely to people talk about the hockey, it is did you see the hockey this and how about the hockey that. And although I fail utterly at ‘the hockey talk’ mostly because I don’t watch sports and am as a result a social outcast which I prefer actually. I will admit that it keeps people active, healthy and occupied during the long cold winters. In this video Paul Clifford, who is not a social outcast and the Jawshop takes you to the local arena to record a pick-up game in full stereo from goalie to goalie. Pucks skates, sticks and pads echo in the natural reverb of a rural Canadian mid winter arena. If you enjoy what you see feel free to check out Jawshop Adventure Recording website.

© Paul Clifford the jawshop

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